s-VDR VDR VR2272B simplified voyage data recorder simplified VOYAGE DATA RECORDER s-VDR

Proven design updated using all the well tried techniques & circuitry of the previous model  
Is this the world's smallest VDR main unit?
Right click for PDF data sheet s-VDR SVDR simplified voyage data recorder  Right click for PDF data sheet 
 AMI Marine s-VDR flyer, nice pictures
VDR s-VDR simplified voyage data recorderGeonav USA s-VDR brochure

s-VDR 2272B main electronics unit


s-VDR main electronics unit 

The box is approximately 30 x 20 x 12cm.

s-VDR in its watertight enclosure. VDR & s-VDR simplified voyage data recorder


Main electronics unit
44 x 32 x 18 cm






5 microphone input channels
One channel for radio input.
8 NMEA / IEC 61162 input channels
AIS input channel or expansion at 38400 baud
Radar acquisition interface 
Remote alarm
24v nominal DC at 1 amp from KW914-B power unit
2-line status display
18 LEDs on front panel to show data activity
LAN port for download of data to a lap-top PC
Push button control of the functions
accept alarm
save incident data
microphone test
Audible and visual alarms
Headphone jack to monitor the digitised audio
L3 SVR02 for the s-VDR 2272B voyage data recorder

s-VDR capsule.

A float-away EPIRB capsule may be used

Right click for PDF data sheet s-VDR SVDR simplified voyage data recorder  PDF data sheet Simplified voyage data recorder s-VDR SVDR


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